2000 R1 Streetfighter

15 05 2010

2000 R1 Streetfighter

Stolen, engine blew/replaced, sold, wrecked, bought it back, used engine for another bike, installed another engine, finished work on it and the bike falls over when I went to take a phone call, caught myself on fire while welding the shortened kickstand… So it has rightfully earned the name “Project 13″ 13 is my lucky number so it hopefully it will turn her luck around

List of Mods:

Full Yoshi Exhaust
Removed all EPA/Smog stuff
Harley headlight painted flat black
custom mounted speedo
custom mounted clip on bars
Removed keyed ignition from top of trees
Keyless gas cap
custom radiator reservoir
Lowered 2” front and rear
corbin seat
custom Yoshi exhaust can (cut in half, repacked, re welded and riveted)
Custom undertail and brake lights
Custom license plate bracket to come
Switch ignition
Flat black strip down tank and tail section
shortened kickstand
Vortex sprokets and RK chain
Bar end mirrors


You can’t suprise God.

22 08 2008

God is not startled by our circumstances, although we may be.  He is not caught off guard when your car breaks down or you lose your job, even though you didn’t see it coming. He doesn’t get nervous when we get sick or are in an accident, but we do.  In fact, nothing that happens comes as a surprise to God.  He does not have a back up plan in case you screwed up. He already had the right plan together to begin with!  He does not have to come up with additional resources because things did not go as planned, He already had in mind what you needed before you even asked.  Nothing comes as a surprise to God.  It is so amazing that he sees us where we are at today and He knows where we will be tomorrow.  Although God sees us in our strongest moments and he sees us in our weakest moments He still decided to love and provided for us.   Romans 5:8“But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Our righteousness is not based on our works but by our faith. (Eph 2:9) Its by faith that we can believe God in our circumstance for whatever provision we need.

By Worrying over our circumstances its like we are saying, “I don’t need your provisions God, I can take care of this on my own.”  We are depending on our own efforts and resources and taking the place of God in our lives, and in a way possibly becoming our own god because we believe more in our own abilities than in His.

One definition for worry is… to move with effort

How many times do we exhaust ourselves from trying to obtain our healing or forgiveness or prosperity or answers to prayer through moving in our own efforts?  (John 6:29) “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.”  Our only work is to believe.  We believe in the work He has already done though Jesus Christ on the cross.  Could it really be that simple?

Waiting on the Lord…

17 08 2008

Why do we always try to do things our own way and in our own timing?  There is a fear that can consume and control our lives that causes us to manipulate or control the situations we are in.  As people we want to figure everything out and know the outcome to whatever situation we may be facing.  For example; A new job opportunity, a relationship you may be involved in, the house you need to buy, the car you need to buy, etc..   Typically we gather all the information we have in our ability, we ask friends, and ask our mentors and then make a decision as fast as possible… How often after do we then wait on the Lord?   This drive to do and to get things done and settled can cause us to lose focus of the big picture.  So much information and conflicting advice leads to more confusion and impatience.  How can we expect to make the right decisions in the middle of confusion… Its like trying to stab something in the dark.  God is not a God of confusion.  We have to stand outside of our situation and all the emotions and influences (though it may be hard) that we have and wait on the Lord.

Waiting on the Lord doesn’t mean we don’t gather that practical information and steps that are available to us in order to make a wise decision.  It is after we have done our research to give that all back to the Lord, step out of our circumstance and listen to what the Holy Spirit wants us to do.  Its impossible to make the right decision and feel comfortable about it when we are in a state of confusion.  Waiting on the Lord’s timing is the only way we can, know that we know, we have made the right decision.

How do we know that we are operating in His timing?

I was at the beach this weekend and in front of my Uncles house is the sound that is about a mile across at the closest point.  My friend Andrew and I decided we were going to head across on the Kayaks touch the other side and come back.  What was I thinking?  Walking 2 miles is a good walk, this was like walking two miles on your hands!

When we first set out the current was coming towards us.  As I paddled out It was obvious we felt like we were moving faster and making a lot of progress than we actually were because the waves and current were coming directly against us giving the illusion we were really moving to the other side.  In reality we were going a lot slower and working a lot harder to get to the other side..

Coming back I was going in the direction of the current and this felt a little discouraging.  No matter how fast I tried to paddle it hardly felt I was moving because the waves were flowing in the same direction I was!  In reality although it felt I was moving slower and getting no where quick, I was going faster and using less energy to get back.

The Holy Spirit spoke to me last night, as I am waiting on His wisdom in my situation.  He said whenever you try to do things on your own its like you are paddling against the current.  It feels like you are making a lot of progress, but, in reality it takes you longer and you spend more enery to get there, but when you wait on Me its like you are paddling with the current.  It may feel like it is taking a long time to get to your destination and your not making a lot of progress, but, in reality you are moving faster and using less energy.


If you are confused and feel worn out from trying to figure it all out, you are paddling against the current.  Although it may seem so hard and slow to wait on the Lord, His timing is always perfect and will not disappoint.  We will spend a lot less time and energy and get there a lot faster, if we wait on Him…

“I wait for the LORD, my soul does wait, And in His word do I hope.” (Psalm 130:5) NASB

You can see the land that we paddled to on the right side of this picture.

God uses what we think in unusable…

14 08 2008

It was about 6 months ago and I was sitting in on the first day of a missions conference I was invited to attend at First Assembly in Raleigh.  It was a smaller setting intentionally, probably only a hundred max, so that there would be a lot of interaction and team building which there was.  The speaker had traveled all over the world to various places for years setting up short term mission trips for churches and groups all over the United States.  One year, he was leading a team from his home church to a jungle region in South America where most likely no Christians had been.  He explained that the trip would be hard because of the hiking and food and altitude etc… It wasn’t going to be an easy trip.  He was approached by a young lady that had Cerebral Palsy that he knew well.  She asked him if she could go on the trip with him and she also let him know that God wanted her to go on the trip!  He explained to her that this wasn’t an easy trip…  His thoughts were, she walked awkwardly and could trip and get hurt traveling through the jungle… What happens if she gets sick? Would there be a hospital that could treat her in her condition.  There were just so many unknowns.  How do you tell a girl that says, “God wants me to go on this trip.” no?  He let her know that this would be something he would have to pray about.  He prayed about it and God said to let her go on the trip!  The next day he let the girl know that she could go on the trip with the church.  She was thrilled!

The church traveled through a villiage and came upon a tribe of people that had never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  When they came into the village everyone was gathered around staring at the young girl with eyes wide open!  Not long after the leader of the tribe asked about the girls condition and they explained…

For years this tribe had killed numerous childern that were born with mental and physical diseases.  The tribe saw that God must love them very much if these children could grow up and live a functional life.  They saw the joy that the young lady had in her life and wanted that same joy… The whole tribe gave their lives to serve Christ and repented of killing the children as they once did before.

Wow, what an amazing story of how God uses what we think is unusable.  I would have thought the same, I mean at best maybe she wont get in the way… But no God had a bigger plan and it was because of her that many children’s lives are being spared and a whole tribe committed their life to Jesus!


Pray that God will use you in some way.  You may be suprised how God decides to use you!

The bow chica wow wow wife…

12 08 2008

Ok, hopefully soon I am going to start writing posts in a systematic method for the book of Proverbs.  I absolutely love the book of Proverbs.  I have been through it with a few good friends of mine on Saturdays and every week God had something awesome He wanted to show us during this time.  The book is absolutely phenomenal, I cant say enough about it.

Proverbs is without a doubt applicable for everyone but more specifically is written to young men.  Being that I am a young man myself its like getting shot with a hundred arrows in the heart every time I read it but those arrows are covered with such wisdom and love that it is impossible to walk away without a sense of urgency toward change.

I hope that through these blog others can use and learn from my experience and what the Word says.  It helps me to write things out and hopefully one day I will put it book form to share with everybody!

So my goal is to eventually start blogging, starting with chapter 1 and work my way to 31.  In this blog however I want to focus on the “bow chica wow wow wife” AKA Proverbs 31 woman.

Its not fair… Its not fair that 30 chapters are written to young men and yet only 1 and not even a full 1 chapter is written about women for men.  The proverbs woman should really be called the “Proverbs 31 part B woman”, and in all reality guys, its up to us to be the “Proverbs 1-31part a” men.  I will get back on the soapbox later but right now I want to focus on how to know you have a Proverbs 31 woman.  Here go’s…

Here is the list…

1. Character before beauty… she is more concerned with the inside and integrity than she is with the outside (v. 10)

2. You can put full confidence in her…(v.11)

3. She would never do anything that would hurt you or cause others to think negatively of you (v.12)

4. She knows what she needs to do and gets it done with joy (v.13)

5. She plans ahead and is thoughtful with her spending (v.14)

6. She is a hard worker (v.15)

7. She is able to make financial investments wisely (v.16)

8. She is generous to the needy (v.20)

9. She is well prepared for anything that comes her family’s way (v. 21)

10. She dresses respectfully and modestly (v22)

11.  Her husband is respected because she speaks good of him to others (v. 23)

12.  She is savvy with her business transactions (v.24)

13.  She is full of strength and dignity and knows that God is in control of her future (v.25)

14.  She speaks with wisdom and instruction… she doesn’t just say the first thing that comes to her mind (v. 26)

15. She does not allow profit from unfair gain to enter her house hold… everything is earned with honesty (v.27)

16. She is praised by her family because she is… all of the above v. 28)

v.29 “Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.” 30 Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.  31 Giver her the reward she has earned, and let her works bring her parise at the city gate.

So thats the list guys and gals.

Verse 29 sums it up for me… There are some awesome God fearing women out there, and then there is the bow chica wow wow wife… AKA Proverbs 31… I dont know about you but I am not settling for just the regular everyday church going woman, but I am waiting on the one that totally changes my life and others around her because she stands out and abandons everything for Jesus…  She loves no matter what and her heart is tender towards God.  No one is perfect… but a heart abandoned to Jesus is open to transformation.

Wow, I can not wait to find her!


Lord, you know my heart.  You know my weakness and you know my strengths.  God make me to be the man that I need to be to gaurd; protect and to serve such a great woman.  I pray for her now, that you would keep her heart secure, that you would give her wisdom in the decisions she makes.  I pray that when I meet her I take everystep with wisdom and I pursue her with Godliness and integrity.  Thank you Lord for you plan and purpose for my life.  Amen.

Hunger for Christ

7 08 2008

Jesus is the bread of life…. If we believe in him for all things… all things, from the biggest to the smallest… only then can we truly be filled physically and spiritually.  Whatever we try to feed ourselves to fill our needs, physically and spiritually, is what we believe in.  Wow.  From the food we eat to the emotional needs that are being met around us if we rely on those things to fill us, and keep us fed, we actually believe in them more than we believe in Christ to fill our needs.  Christ said, “I am the bread of life.  He who comes to me will never go hungry and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.” (John 6:35)  In that chapter He fed the 5000 and He asked His disciples where they would get all that food to feed them… The Bible says He was testing them.  That is so much like our lives. He is asking us, where are you going to get the food to feed your physical needs and your spiritual needs? The answer is Christ.  The bread that was multiplied over and over until everyone was fed is like the body of Christ that was broken for everyone and all He asks us to do is eat of that bread.  BELIEVE IN HIM… Thats it…  Jesus will fulfill every need we have if we will believe in Him. (John 6:29)
The only way we can fulfill this hunger is through Jesus.  By believing in Him (John 6:35) and reading His Word (John 6:63)and trusting in Him for all things physical and spiritual. He can use whatever means to fill those needs in our lives.  For the 5000 he offered bread for their physical needs and offered His life for their spiritual needs (salvation) He to is the supplier of all our needs, spiritual and physical.

Definitions for Hunger

1. A compelling need or desire for food
2. The painful sensation or state of weakness caused by the need of food
3. A shortage of food
4. A strong or compelling desire or craving

Now replace the word food with Jesus… Thats what it means to “hunger for Christ”.